Contender Promotions: All results


Contender Promotions shines again, as promised fireworks went off in the Super Fight between Englands Thomas Daniel And Hollands Luciano Winter. The bout was a total slugfest as both fighters kicked and punched until the last bell in a very close contest, however there must be a winner and on Saturday night it was England’s Thomas Daniel.

The World 4 man GP tournament entertained us with top class world level fighters, all digging every last ounce of skill to win the tournament. The final was left to Augin Masoud from Holland selected in the Contender Promotions Fight Star hunt, and Reinaldo Santos from Angola. Santos claimed victory by way of KO in the 3rd round and is now the Contender Promotions world 4 man GP Champion.

New female Contender Promotions Bantamweight Champion Yazzy Harris winning on points to a tuff Jo Clemmens who refused to back off from the onslaught of Harris.


Andrew Liddell claimed his victory to become the Contender Promotions Lightweight Champion with his opponent unable to answer the bell for the 3rd round.
The Junior Welterweight title went emotionally to Luke Westwood as he battled with Conner Hawley to take the victory on points.


Every bout had the crowd on their feet, the atmosphere was electric and contagious as everyone was screaming and shouting for every bout.
All titles were awarded by Contender Promotions Sponsors on the night, including Renault, Grosvenor Casino, AWM, QCIG and UK Plant Traders.
Next event is February 28th Middlesbrough England and is not to be missed.


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